Cheech’s Own in Somerville now offering wholesale products for local biz

SOMERVILLE — Cheech’s Own, a cold brew coffee shop in the borough, aims to expand their wholesale efforts to new accounts throughout Central Jersey to demonstrate their coffee and tea products’ full potential in various food service and wellness industries.

By growing their robust roster of wholesale accounts, Cheech’s Own hopes to create new consumer experiences with every new partner by adding innovative caffeinated beverage options to menus across NJ.

With a fresh focus and a retail location prime for product demonstrations, Cheech’s Own looks forward to expanding their reach into new territories and industries. For account inquiries,

Even before opening their first retail location in Somerville this past September, Cheech’s had accumulated over a dozen accounts with minimal effort.

With their retail location already preparing for the spring and summer seasons, Cheech’s Own invites gyms, wellness studios, restaurants and more to join them in the journey to find the perfect cup of coffee. Offering different wholesale formats, Cheech’s Own is confident that they have the ideal setup for any business. From craft coffee cocktails to caffeinated smoothies, the possibilities are endless.

Over the last few years, Cheech’s Own has established themselves as an organic coffee and tea company throughout the Central Jersey area.

“We’re just picking up where we left off,” said Steven Chiocchi, owner and founder of Cheech’s Own. “We started off as a product-forward company selling our bottles of cold brew at farmers markets. Now we’re taking a much more focused approach.”

Since those early days, the roster of wholesale clients have organically grown. Each account is welcomed as a member of the team, giving the brand new perspectives and refreshing approaches.

“Our goal is to bring our wholesale increased profitability and efficiency which is why we educate them on how everything is prepared, and how is should be presented.” Chiocchi said. “Along with our cold brew concentrate, we will be also being offering beverages including seasonal kombucha flavors, teas and more. We want to continue creating new unique experiences through our hand-crafted products.”

From smoothies to refined cocktails, the organic beverage company’s roster of new experiences include Klew Crossfit, Duke Farms, Stirling Tavern, Verve, Basil Bandwagon and Ride & Reflect. By showcasing the success of Cheech’s Own products in a variety of industries, they aim to offer more products than just traditional cold brew concentrate to more local businesses.

When Cheech’s Own was still more of a hobby than a business, one bartender assisted Cheech’s Own in their exposure to the bar scene. In 2016, Verve bartender Stephen Fette actually brought an early iteration of their cold brew concentrate to the finals, creating one of the first craft coffee cocktails, the Perfect Game. In addition to being crowned 2016 Iron Shaker champion, Fette has continued to assist Cheech’s Own with their craft cocktail program through the launch of the cafe.

Since then, the team has grown, with the newest addition being 2018’s Iron Shaker champion Carlos Ruiz. Together, they will continue to demonstrate coffee’s versatility through beverages complimented with fresh ingredients.

The founders of Cheech’s Own met Ruiz in the months prior to the Iron Shaker finals and found his approach to cocktails refreshing. From the selection of fresh ingredients to his eclectic presentations, he displayed how a typical night out for drinks can become anything but ordinary.

In 2015, Carlos was named ‘Mixologist of the Year’ by New Jersey Restaurant and Hospitality Association, and continues to take home awards. Winning first in the Iron Shaker Cocktail Competition, Master of Moonshine, Sailor Jerry ‘Beat it Rummy’ among many others are just a few of his recent accolades.



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